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The interest of being a blogger is to share some things. Things that usually pass unnoticed. On a whim, I have a new desire in my appearance. This happens to me quite often. I start with an idea of the result. I tested with the demo. Sometimes I use things I already possess. Das the present case, I just wear another hairstyle. you can see it takes to change the style dramatically.

So this gallery made on the spot is a step in the design of my new appearance. Stay tuned to see the results in a very short time.

Top and skirt : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~TartySet~Drama Queen

Belly piercing : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Butterfly Belly~Blue

Necklace : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Fantasy Chain

Hair : analog dog – AD42

Place : ** Just Another Tequilla Sunrise**


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