The girl who had visited the region Pinoy Hideout

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There are a lot of very beautiful regions in second life. Rather than make a guide, I prefer you offer tours in pictures of these beautiful regions. These are places has privilegier to take pictures. Here’s a first visit with the region Pinoy Hideout.

Credit picture 1 and 2 :

*Dress : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Gimme all the CupCakes Dress~Blue Icing

*Necklace : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Magestic Necklace

*Shoes : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Heels of Destruction~Neonblue

Credit picture 2 and 3 :

*Cutie hair : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Cutie Hair Bows~Shells

*Dress : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Kali Dress ~Shells

Credit picture 5 :

*Dress : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~LeanneDress~Pink

*Shoes : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Heels of Destruction~Neonpink

Poses : Diesel Works


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