The girl who had visited the sim Paradiso

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I pursue my personal guide to the photogenic destinations of Second Life. You discover here a set of pictures taken on the beautiful sim Paradiso. I have deliberately not used windlight to keep the natural ambience of the sim. These are only examples of what is found on the SIM. You also find my cute little face on each photo.ūüėá

*Dress : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Gimme all the CupCakes Dress~Purple Icing

*Cutie hair : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Cutie Hair Bows~TwiTwOO

*Necklace : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Magestic Necklace

*Shoes : *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Death Becomes You~Neonpurple

Poses : Diesel Works

Place : Paradiso


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