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A new domain for my blog

There is a new url for my blog. You can still enter using “”; but also by “”. The reason 20374788966_6f07c6f68a_k (1)is that by analyzing what I like, what I do and what I have for several days. I choose to specialize myself in a precise area.

What does this change?

Very little. Views always find (and more) of style in the field: Goth fashion style, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, Pastel goth, Cyber Steampunk fashion, fashion Punk Lolita fashion, Mod, Emocore, Ero kawaii, Japanese street fashion, 2000-2009 in fashion, fashion grunge, soft grunge and more .. I will use outfits in this style and use clothes that do not belong to integrate them into the exclusive look.

Thank you in advance for your support.



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<p>Heidi Rewell (.com) is a fashion blog that specializes in fitted mesh clothes for Mesh Body and the cosmetic for Mesh Head in Second Life</p>

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